Allison Cobb
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Allison Cobb is the author of the little box book (Situation Press) and Born 2 (Chax Press). She was born in Los Alamos, New Mexico and now lives in Brooklyn.


To make things wild I thought     :     would make them real real
real not burnt highway ropes     :     hooked to a ship
sick with glitter Come giant     :     squid no one
has seen alive skim the dark with giant lanterns
blinkless see in the     :     lack        Look

it     :     flowers up beside me     slipping under water
in this train      tube of light     :     fetus-color      Where
is the War I can     :     no longer finger     My hear no relation
to the heart-shaped stickers stuck on ammunition
My bomb     :     written on  as if blowing the letters
Apart achieves a more pure     :     eloquence
Silence     :     both question and answer
The squid said this