E. Tracey Grinnell/Rick Snyder
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E. Tracy Grinnell is the author of the chapbook Harmonics (Melodeon Poetry Systems, 2000), Music or Forgetting (O Books), Of the Frame (Duration Press ebook), Some Clear Souvenir (O Books), and Quadriga, a collaborative work with Paul Foster Johnson (g o n g chapbooks). She lives in Brooklyn and edits Litmus Press and the journal Aufgabe.

Rick Snyder's poems and essays have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Aufgabe, Boog City, LVNG, and The San Jose Manual of Style, and online at Readme and TheEastVillage. His chapbooks Blueprint and Double Ear were published by 811 Books, and an e-chapbook, Forecast Memorial, is available as a duration e-book. He is also the editor of Cello Entry and the curator of a poetics lecture series at the Dactyl Foundation in New York.


from OF THE FRAME by E. Tracy Grinnell

an           interior
apology           in
numbers         one
each           day
relates as layers
eyeless layers

from FLOWN SEASON by Rick Snyder


To invoke you by spelling
the soft spot skull’s horizon
in dairies of Anon. Friend
days are named after your
arrival means absence is
a place for recreation be-
tween your eyes our thoughts
no space for words here
us think too fast to say
you already know we’d
rather be seen by you
than touched by anyone