Brenda Iijima
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Brenda Iijima is the author of Around Sea (O Books, 2004). Her book, Animate & Inanimate Aims is forthcoming from Litmus Press. Some of her work can be viewed on-line at phillysound.blogspot.com and can be downloaded from www.wickedness.net . She lives in Brooklyn, NY where she runs Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs.


…Flash to a time when feelings were reconciled by a glued in formalism.
Observation absorbed into parched earth.

A tiny mercurial spider
no larger than a comma.
Crawling toward a comma.

Lilac hours.
Burning animated
teeming heat waves the molecules.
Insolence grips pen
to write under blotchy tree shade. Now with a cup
of hot tea, flat tannic, the taste of leaves. Now
synchronous doves.
Formations held momentarily above crinkled leaves just formed, fledgling.
Repetition: harsh piece of metal hovers and is then visually gone.
Occultation. Row of buildings obliterate wing span like an eclipse without aura.
Still sound exhaust
entropy of audio waves.

Oasis’ because of vulnerability. Skin
divers explore sea. Crave
the earliest forms of animal life: sponges.
That they were predatory reflected a significant new occurrence.
Scientific label. The waterproof. Little variance

Wear out door handle. Brass exposed, nickel or the like.
Ignore emotional weight or an impact. Opposite. Indulgence. A curve,
an arch in this. Way of parsing each violet message. Violent message
and violet sky. Abandons his body at the same time as the soul
of the sacrificed horse. Imitates sound of thunder. A black bird. Horse
drinks. And so a future opens its doors
in a way of speaking.
(Rainbow, bridge, stairs, ladder, vine, cord, chain of arrows, mountains,
etc., etc.)….