Akilah Oliver
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Akilah Oliver is the author of the she said dialogues: flesh memory, a book of experimental prose poetry honored by the PEN American Center’s "Open Book" program, An Arriving Guard of Angels, Thusly Coming to Greet (Farfalla, McMillan & Parrish, 2004), and The Putterer’s Notebook (*Belladonna). She has read and performed her work throughout the country as a solo artist and as a founding member of the post-feminist performance arts collective, Sacred Naked Nature Girls. She has been artist in residence at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center in Los Angeles, and has received grants from the California Arts Council, The Flintridge Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. She is faculty at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics Summer Writing Program at Naropa University. She recently moved from Boulder to Brooklyn.


to obfuscate territorial narratives
to trick the living body into
considering some twin
rather than its own dispersals

my own port of dropping
body came
iteration then becomes possible
Through Forests and a Sense of
as cousin
tension points of desire
emotion works as text
August so swiftly
Earlier this year
gradually starting at age 3
I rubbed the room not
The specificity of a line
ducking bullets
tell the family it's futile
the point where it is easy
open windows glowing
across two bridges
             grown thicker
saluting masters

Review from Galatea Resurrects #7 by Alysha Wood