Tim Peterson
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Tim Peterson is the author of Trinkets Mashed Into a Blender (Faux press/e) and Since I Moved In (Chax Press). A poet, critic, and independent scholar, he is editor of EOAGH: A Journal of the Arts and also recently edited a special issue of Leonardo Electronic Almanac on "New Media Poetry and Poetics." He currently lives in Brooklyn.


from THEE & THOU

An ocean tumbled by with a private boat
buffeted this way and that. As you turned them
over, the leaves were nearly always more or less
wrinkled, and would crumble in your excited hands.
“He was sent to bed without eating” read
another, before it fell apart, the walls in the picture
sometimes very much under cut. Two
circumstances confronted you: you could either reach out
to where he found his supper waiting for him
or close the lid before things got too ugly. Yet
for a freer, more intellectual development
may I remind you that many have gone
without their supper. And the Joe of all
locations, whose kingdom moved forward like a boat
took a more decided turn in the Luxembourg
gardens, where there is no monument to him.
People rolled their terrible eyes and showed
how one could be proud of the ocean kingdom
on the occasion of the marriage of Francesco
to Francesca and still a bit seasick. The water
and the walls became the world all around,
shifting, like when I tell you something
and mean something else entirely. My desires
in metal were brought to a very high state
of finish before the place burned down…