Kate Schapira
Heroes and Monsters
$8 ppd.

Kate Schapira lives in Providence, RI, where she writes, teaches, makes chapbooks, and runs the Publicly Complex Reading Series. She's the author of several chapbooks made by other people, including The Saint's Notebook (Flying Guillotine Press), The Love of Freak Millways and Tango Wax (Cy Gist Press) and Case Fbdy. (Rope-A-Dope Press). She recently started working as a visiting writer in Providence public elementary schools.


Sometimes by moving around he tries to think about dragging the path behind him, like a
leash. It's not age. If things are made too easy for him, who does the making? Under what
conditions may a hero retreat without becoming a field? He can't decide. Landscape
overall heaves up, falls through, entangles, backslides, unpredicts. Friendly trees; enemy
trees; arboreal frenzies. The hero has to explain to the trees with force.